Strategic Funding Source, Inc.

“Brilliant!! Bravo, bravo….. This looks great and I am proud to have it out there for the ETA. Renewals and retention is the theme for the next one.

Thanks Jody – as always. You are the best!”

David Sederholt
Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Funding Source, Inc.

Citizens for Self-Governance

“Hi Jody and Peter,

I just received my shipment of our new brochures. They are even more beautiful than I expected!
Thank you for your expert attention to design, aesthetics, content, and other details. This was a job excellently done! And, of course, working with you was a delight!”

Pam Wohlschlegel
Director of Grassroots Development, Citizens for Self-Governance

“Peter…you are not just making things “a little easier.” You have made things a dream in regard to graphic design, printing, etc. I remember clearly meeting you in Florida and your offer of help with professional printing services. I’ve had offers like that many times, and they are usually just someone seeking business instead of looking to serve the movement through business. But you and Jody and your team truly have an ethic of “service,” the value of which I cannot overstate. I’ve been looking for a team like yours for a long time…unsuccessfully. So thanks for filling in that blank for me. I no longer have to think about how we’re going to get these things done. I just know, because we have you, they will get done.”

Mark Meckler, President, Citizens for Self-Governance

Adams & Longino Advertising, Design & Marketing Communications

“…We were very apprehensive about going direct-to-plate with what is widely considered one of the best catalogs in the boating industry. In short, thanks in a large measure to Horizons, we delivered a bigger, better catalog, on better paper, with greater specification accuracy, a superior print job and finish, and better on-time delivery, for less money than ever before!”

Charles P. Adams, Jr., President, Adams & Longino Advertising, Design & Marketing Communications

Al Copeland Restaurants

“You made it happen in the time frame we were hoping for, and your artwork and creative were wonderful. I was definitely looking for something that didn’t look just like what we normally do, and you have achieved that. Thanks…for taking the time to try to delve into each market’s zip codes and make an effort to try to get us the best list that we could achieve since we didn’t really have too much to base it on except maybe instinct. I truly enjoyed the whole process, and now I know a little more now than I did before. You all have been great to work with, and hope the relationship can grow in the future.”

Linda Poirier, Al Copeland Restaurants


“During the eight week control period, customer counts were up in excess of 25%. And, we were conducting no other marketing activities at the time. Who knows what might have happened if the City of Ft. Lauderdale had chosen another time period to tear up the street in front of the restaurant and re-route 50% of the vehicle traffic? Anytime that a marketing campaign produces results like that within a matter of a few weeks, I’m more than pleased. I’m real pleased!”

John Day, Proprietor, Coconuts

DSG Advertising

“Finally…it’s done. All 200,000 packets delivered and the kudos are already rolling in. Frankly, I don’t know how we did it, but I do know it wouldn’t have been possible without your help and that of Jody and your incredible staff. This was not our first job together, but it was certainly the most difficult; infinite changes, short deadlines, seemingly a million permutations. You got them all done, to spec, to the right locations, on time and under budget. And no one at Horizons ever lost his cool!”

“Peter, you and Horizons are the best vendor…no, partner…I’ve ever found. Your knowledge of printing, distribution and marketing give you insights not normally found in this industry. Value added doesn’t describe it…invaluable does.”

William J. McNew, President, DSG Advertising

Golden Corral Corporation

“Couldn’t believe it! We TRULY moved the needle! We had lots of positive feedback from guests coming into the restaurants…lots of new faces, sales were up big-time, lots of redemptions. Everyone at Horizons has been very helpful. Turnaround times have been terrific, the copywriting and layout changes took very little time on my part, and Horizons coordinated the whole distribution thing for me as well.”

Robert Morgan, Franchise Operator of Golden Corral®

“The folks at Horizons will work with you to truly ‘customize’ your [advertising]. Moreover, based on your preference or the results of their research for you, they will coordinate all shipping, distribution and creative development.”

Steven Fortlouis, Field Marketing Director, Golden Corral Corporation

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

“In the face of the worst economy the northeast corridor has seen in a long time, and in the face of a two-year trend showing slower summers…we’ve had our best summer yet. July was our best in history, and August was right behind it. Thanks for your coaching, your availability in the face of constant questions, and thanks to your team, which displayed the utmost in professionalism and cordiality. I am especially impressed with how you steered me through the maze of mass mailing. If they offered a Ph.D in your line of work, you’d deserve one.”

Jonathan Foust, Director of Communications, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Leopoldo Marketing

“Although we have been doing business [together] for more than eight years, I continue to be amazed at your ability to deliver consistently outstanding work. The best part is that, with your access to so many creative, copy and design resources, you are always able to alter the style and tone of the collaterals to fit perfectly with my client’s brand image. Because I can count on Horizons to provide such specialized production and design at great values, I can focus on what I do best—strategic and consulting services. The result: projects that are consistently on-target and highly effective. I wanted you to know that your company, once again, has helped provide my client with spectacular work.”

Frank Leopoldo, Leopoldo Marketing

Mondo’s Restaurant

“…We enjoyed a twenty percent increase in our summer sales figures. We are impressed with the quality of service and products offered by Horizons Publishing, and would consider working with them again, and encourage other companies to explore their range of services as well.”

Richard Dusenbury, General Manager, Director of Operations, Mondo’s Restaurant

Steak and Ale Restaurants

“I am very proud of the piece, and I have been pleased every step of the way working with you. [Horizons] was invaluable in pulling off not only a tough pre-production schedule, but a photo shoot in the middle of it too. Thanks for setting us up for success.”

Bill Watson, Steak and Ale Restaurants

Tabica Grill

“Tabica experienced monthly sales growth 62%, 57%, 50% and 74% four months running after starting our first campaign with Horizons Publishing. The restaurant is now enjoying its eighth straight quarter of double digit sales growth. Tabica has set sales and growth records every month since we’ve been working with Peter.”

“Tabica has an unusual handicap in that our location is buried in the back of a disreputable strip mall in the heart of our town…we were never able to get a critical mass of loyal customers visiting us regularly. That is now changed as we are continually on a wait for tables every night, every month of the year, in a town that is known for very poor off-season business volume. I cannot recommend enough that you…follow his advice completely; payback is immediate and sales volume is worth every penny.”

David Rutecki, Director of Operations Tabica Grill

T-Bones & Cactus Jack’s Restaurant Group

“The level of detail, expertise and creativity is exceptional. We have pursued many projects with Horizons Publishing…It is not an overstatement to say that every single one has been a huge success.”

“Horizons Publishing is a first rate operation that takes the pressure off of trying to come up with “the homerun promotion.” Although the promotional pieces we produce with Horizons Publishing have the biggest marketing impact all year, they are the easiest to implement as a result of their knowledge, experience and timeliness.”

Thomas C. Boucher, Partner/Director of Marketing, T-Bones & Cactus Jack’s Restaurant Group

Testa’s Hotels and Restaurants, Inc

“…This is the first advertising medium we have used where the results were immediate and measurable.  Our sales for the month…were up 17%.  With the proliferation of restaurants in our area, we really needed to remind people that Testa’s—which has been in Palm Beach for 70 years—is alive and doing well.”

Thomas J. Testa, President, Testa’s Hotels and Restaurants, Inc.

The Loop Chicago Style Pizza & Fabulous Burgers

“The format that you designed not only exposed us in a most professional manner, but also drove sales up in our seven units over 15%. The number of requests for franchise information was remarkable, and I believe we have an opportunity to finalize several new franchise operators as a direct result.”

George M. (Mike) Schneider, Founder/President, The Loop Chicago Style Pizza & Fabulous Burgers

The Palm Restaurant

“I can ALWAYS count on Horizons Publishing to make me look good and pull me out of the clutch! You’ve met any and every challenge that I’ve thrown at you. You’ve made me smarter in how to approach my creative and printing needs. I trust you to always keep my best interests at the heart of the latest project, and I can always count on your guidance to deliver what I call ‘financially responsible’ design to take advantage of the most economical printing and postage requirements. Thank you for your partnership and guidance. And thank you for making miracles happen under the most challenging of circumstances.”

Andrea Von Utter, SVP Marketing, The Palm Restaurant