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It’s a riddle that needs solving with every direct mail shipment : How can you be absolutely sure that your marketing materials are delivered on the most advantageous day, to the right hands, at the most reasonable postal rate…with no nuisance or stress? Our clients will invariably tell you to call Horizon’s Publishing.

First, start with immaculate data. Horizon’s direct mail strategists procure and scrutinize up-to-the-minute data to ensure addresses are impeccably clean, the lists precision-aimed, and the mail piece design optimally standardized to streamline the whole sort/presort/mailing process. Such professional attention to detail efficiently speeds the way to substantial postage savings and ROI that outperforms expectations.

Next, delivery costs are negotiated. Huge postal savings can be realized simply by knowing more mailing ropes than your average agency or commercial printer. Horizon’s has serious postal clout to negotiate the lowest possible automation discount prices, and the VIP standing to qualify for deeply discount-priced USPS postal sharing programs—drop-shipping, co-mingling, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), mail consolidation and carrier transportation—to drive your costs down even further.

Finally, trust Horizon’s to put your name in customers’ hands. Real-time door-to-door tracking, delivery orchestration and accountability monitoring ensures time-critical postal pieces and sale-dated materials are in your customers’ hands precisely when you want them to be.

Turning all your mailing needs over to Horizon’s Publishing ensures the highest possible response you need to make sound, right-on-the-money decisions about inventory, sales forecasts and staff scheduling. Feel secure in knowing your all-important catalog or direct mail piece is sure to arrive safely at customers’ doors just when the perfect window of opportunity cracks open. Contact the direct mail strategists at Horizon’s Publishing and immediately start saving more of your mailing budget than ever before.

Call Horizons Publishing for the most cost-effective, targeted and timely mailings.

    • Data Processing/Presorting
    • List Procurement & Expert Evaluation
    • Address Hygiene & Correction
    • Postal Enhancement
    • Addressing
    • Inserting
    • Folding/Inserting
    • Tabbing/Stamping
    • Package Assembly & Kitting
    • Personalized Letter Mailings
    • Color Variable Data Printing