Strategic Marketing


Palm Restaurant Facebook Banner

    • Facebook, Flickr or Foursquare?
    • Twitter or Tumblr?
    • CPM or CPC?
    • Email blasts or mobile app install ads?
    • Skyscraper or vertical web shopping banners?
    • E-catalogs or mailed print catalogs?
    • And does anybody read print newspapers anymore?

The entire media communications industry exploded virtually overnight from the unprecedented technology earthquake that is still rapidly overturning tried-and-true media strategies. How can you choose the right integration of media channels to capture your target audience, engage them, and turn them into loyal customers?  The choices are overwhelming, and you’re uncertain of your course of action like never before.Before you resort to throwing a dart at a spinning wheel of marketing avenues, look to Horizon’s Publishing.  Our astute strategists customize assertive, stylish marketing solutions to ensure your market dollars zero in on the exact buying audience and are not wasted on scattershot demographics.  We tactically coalesce keen data-based insights, overarching creative images, and selective cross-media placement to keep your brand consistent, and your message impactful, integrated and impeccably timed.Versatility is just one of Horizon’s key strengths in our suite of strategic marketing services.  Our capabilities reach far beyond simple targeted consumer and business label lists.  Muscular marketing analytics, dependable data accuracy and next-generation database technology, combined with ingenious media placement strategies and visionary ROI expertise—Horizon’s has it all right there for you.  Horizon’s Publishing is your valued right hand, armed with the finest tools, industry knowledge and shrewd negotiation skills to help achieve your highest-ever customer response rates with maximum cost-effectiveness.