Fulfilling Our Promises So You Can Fulfill Yours


The strategy is perfect, the targets clearly defined, the promotional piece is a winner, and everything is under budget. But if it arrives at your customers’ doors damaged, incomplete, or never arrives at all…you get the blame. Your company gets the tarnished image. And the competition gets your customers.Fortunately you have Horizon’s Publishing to integrate and orchestrate all your material storage, fulfillment and shipping needs. As promised, we’ll partner you through every step of the marketing process, and that includes ensuring the well-ordered, clockwork efficiency of this unsung, yet so-critical stage.From automated digital fulfillment to traditional pick-and-pack, Horizon’s exceptional diversity of services and wide-ranging resources lets you see significant cost savings from the very first order…experience a reduction in errors with shipping, paperwork, picking, packaging, and inventory…and reap the benefits of a nation-wide alliance of quality providers that saves money on transportation and handling. All our high volume discounts are passed to you as superior bundled pricing offers or simple per order/per item fee structures for maximum value—and with no hidden fees so you can forecast costs with pinpoint accuracy.We can fulfill our promises because Horizon’s Publishing recognizes the incalculable value of a well-run, dependable warehouse and fulfillment facility; one that operates with integrity, swift precision and an unequivocal dedication to customer service. We place our trust in only those providers with a five star track record of reliability, that are fully insured, and located in key distribution hubs across the nation to be as close to your mail’s final destination as possible for enormous savings and delivery continuity.

Horizon’s Publishing offers an unsurpassed range of
fulfillment and warehouse storage solutions, including…

    • On-Line Order Fulfillment
    • Value-Added Hand Assembly
    • Pick /Pack/Ship
    • Shrink Wrapping
    • Custom Kitting
    • Poly Bagging
    • Packaging/Repackaging
    • Drop Shipments
    • Transportation Services
    • Inventory Management

    • Logistics
    • Distributing
    • Real-time Tracking Information
    • Order Status
    • Automatic Tracking of Product Levels, Costs, Usage
    • Usage & Inventory Reports
    • Automatic Reorder Trigger Points
    • Climate Controlled Storage Availability
    • Secured Storage for Valuable Inventory
    • Exceptional, Responsive Customer Service